Minimized aluminum

Through the HYLINE system, which minimizes the aluminum frame , the glass and what we see through it achieves the main role. The result is a large transparent and elegant surface , which allows the building to be perfectly integrated with the space that surrounds it.

  • HYslim

    Perfect for buildings in countries with tropical and warm climates

  • HY50

    Indicated for outdoor areas, it has unique ability of acoustic and thermal insulation

  • HY40

    It offers excellent thermal, acoustic and waterproof performance

  • HY30

    The new sliding system allows maximum brightness while providing elegance and thermal balance

  • HYgui

    It offers maximum clearance and unobstructed view with the same quality as the other Hyline ranges

  • HYpi

    This system rotates on a vertical axis instead of using traditional hinges, converting the act of opening a door into pure glamors

  • HYarc

    Innovative sliding system ideal for those looking for the most advanced modern architecture

    Perfect fitting

    The main characteristic of the HYLINE products is that can be adjusted to the expectations, needs and requirements in terms of aluminum frames, which makes the results extraordinary . The ability to create elegant frame solutions and superior quality is encouraged.

    Hyline distributor

    We are the exclusive distributor of Hyline in the Balearic Islands


    Mies Van der Rohe


    The Hyline system is our homage to the famous rule of Mies Van Der Rohe. With the presence of aluminium kept to a minimum, at Hyline it´s the glass that we see through it that highlights. A large transparent and without limits surface, that allow the edifice to live in perfect harmony with the surrounding area.

    Each Hyline casement is unique and totally customizable. Because it´s a modular product, it adjusts to the specifics of each project and gives more possibilities to the architect. His minimalist aspect does not anticipate the technical performance of Hyline, but this system congregate esthetic and function in a perfect way. It has an excellent maneuverability, endurance and complete thermal and acoustic insulation.